Rubber Stamp Doctors

There are numerous rubber stamp doctors out there that are willing to do what ever it might take to make a living online, including selling their opinions, which as you might know is against everything a doctor should be.

But what if these people who rubber stamp documents for insurance companies are really nothing more than just a paid hack, what then?

When that  happens you just have to continue to pursue justice…

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Wen Hair Care

In an alleged Revelation that is taking the Internet by storm, Allegedly some women have experienced hair loss?


A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wen by Chaz Dean, and marketing company Guthy-Renker.  Over 200 women are claiming the product causes severe and possibly permanent damage to hair, including significant hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, hair breakage, scalp irritation, and rash, the Daily Beast reported.

This is significant and it is a big problem for many women but is it really directly attributable to an alleged hair care product?

One thing that we found interesting was the alleged statement by the alleged offender.

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What type of Attorney do you need

You like millions of Americans are looking for legal resources.

It can be a difficult problem to overcome. 

Now more than ever it is important to understand legal issues that could effect you or your family.

     The problem is that many legal situations arise quickly and often that is when you could make a critical mistake. 

Failing to take action is the number one issue that effects most people who find them selves in the unfamiliar and unwanted situation of having to take some kind of legal action. 

What happens most often is that the legal victim ends up taking either no action or they end up making a decision they “feel” is reasonable and then later they tend to find out that it was the one action that they should not have taken at all.

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Tons of Lawyers

There are literally tons of lawyers out there and there are tons of folks that need them.

There are a lot of lawyers that cannot find a job…

And plenty more that are just getting ready to retire but not yet ready to actually retire.


MILLIONS of Americans lack critical legal services and an enormous numbers of lawyers are unemployed.

Why can’t the supply of lawyers match the demand?

In Nebraska, 20 out of 93 counties have fewer than four lawyers. Eleven counties have no lawyers at all.

The Montana Legal Services Association, a nonprofit group that is partly federally funded, reports having only 13 case-handling lawyers for the entire state. Throughout the country, millions of low-income people have no access to free or affordable lawyers, even for life-altering civil matters like child-custody disputes or home foreclosures, where legal representation really matters.

You know what this means right…

Yes, it means that often large companies will continue to take advantage of those that cannot afford to hire a lawyer or in this case even find a lawyer.

There are ways to develop a better method of handling difficult logistic situations.

its something that technology can help with…

State Oppression

Recently we have seen several instances where the states are pressing the people.

More so the poor over those that have more money.


Yes you hear correctly the State of Georgia as an example if you receive a ticket for a seatbelt violation and a ticket for speeding, not only do you have to pay over $200 in fines for the violations but if you also have to re-instate your drivers license for any number of reasons all of which have nothing to do with driving….

For example, child support, failure to appear, spitting on the sidewalk, for each ticket you have to pay $90 or more to get your drivers license back.

so if you have four tickets or four of anything the state of Georgia is going to charge you $410.00

Keep in mind that this is in the middle of a very bad economic turn in the state of Georgia.

Consider this what if the person that needs a drivers license to get a job end up only making minimum wage and lets say that they only make part time hours, (70 percent of jobs in Georgia are this way)

Having to pay the state of Georgia $410.00 after paying the county $200 for a municipal government fine then you can see just how insane the state of Georgia has become.

There has to be a better way than to want to Oppress those of us that make the least and have so much to loose.

Insurance litigation

You see commercials on TV all the time and you would think that insurance companies are there great benevolent companies that exist to help the customer that experiences a loss.

After all that is what insurance is all about right?

A thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

So what are there so many lawsuits involving insurers that refuse to honor its word after an eventuality has occurred?

Why is that?

Simple, its called GREED!!!


Spammers you hate them right?

Oh, Yes, We hates the spammers and that is the truth, there are tons of spammers, but the ones that are the most hated are those that you trusted…

You know at times you might be interested in something online or you are interested in some kind of product or another and they ask for your email and you give it to them, trusting them when they say “hey you can trust us” “really you can”

But then you start getting all kings of spam.

That is because your email got sold to someone else and they use all kinds of deceptive subject lines.

Like, (you just won)  or (Commission Check ready)

You know there is no commission they know it too, but is it Legal…


The answer is no it is not legal…

And you can kick their butts in court and on the street, (ok not on the street, but there is nothing wrong with a good day dream)  You see these scum think that they can sell your email to spammers and its ok, but the truth is its not ok and you can make a spammers life a living hell.

insurance companies fail…

Why do insurance companies exist?

To protect a group of individuals from losses?

Perhaps at first but now days its entirely possible that they are just looking to collect your money and never have to pay off.

You just cant trust anyone, seriously, if your depending on an insurance company to do the right thing, ahh, better think again.   source.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis federal jury has awarded $491 million in damages in a 6-year-old lawsuit linked to the collapse years ago of a company that sold prepaid funerals but that federal investigators described as nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Monday’s verdict ended a trial over the 2009 lawsuit by state life and health guarantee associations and a special receiver set up to wind down National Prearranged Services Inc., which was based in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( ) reported.

The damages include $391 million against PNC Bank and $100 million against the now-defunct Forever Enterprises holding company. Some banks and other companies connected to NPS have settled out of court or are arranging settlements for unspecified amounts.

PNC, which pledged to appeal the verdict, wasn’t involved with NPS but succeeded Allegiant Bank, a former trustee of NPS assets.

NPS operated from 1992 to 2008, selling funeral plans in advance with the promise that the buyers’ money would be kept safe until the time of the funeral. Customers typically paid a single sum of up to $10,000 to cover the cost of funeral services and related expenses.

Prosecutors said that money should have been held in trust and increased at least three-fold in value but was instead used to enrich the company’s officers and others.

Dan Reilly, a Denver lawyer representing the guarantee associations, called the outcome “the final step in the process of protecting consumers in Missouri and other states.”

Frederick Solomon, PNC Financial Services Group’s senior vice president, said in a statement that PNC “respectfully disagrees with the jury regarding the liability of its predecessor bank, Allegiant, and we intend to appeal this verdict.”

According to yahoo news, source.

Cheap Products

The question for many manufacturers  is value over price,
but at what cost?

What is the deal with all these product restrictions?

Many consumers expect a product to perform well, value is something that cannot be faked, however over the last few years, perhaps longer, value is relative.

Take as an example the Single cup coffee brewers.

There are many different brands to choose from but one of the most well known are the Keurig brewer bands.

How many cups of coffee should a brewer brew?

1000, 2000, 5000,  Were not sure.

You could do the math and add in the cost of the coffee pods and the machine itself, depending on how long your machine lasts, the average might be close to .85 cents a cup, a lot less than what you would pay at the local Starbucks, which averages, a whopping $5.00 per cup.

Sure Starbucks coffee tastes great, (most of the time) but what about those of us that just cannot safely get into our cars dressed with two socks of the same color and drive to the nearest Starbucks for our morning fix. Continue reading…

Are all insurance companies corrupt

You might wonder if it is true that all insurance companies want to do is to collect premiums but never pay anything out, more so when you see news stories like this one.

Hurricane Irene Damage Excluded From Policy, NJ Court Says

A New Jersey appeals court Tuesday upheld a ruling that Tower National Insurance Co. doesn’t have to cover a gas station’s owners for the partial collapse of the building after Hurricane Irene, saying the policy bars recovery because both a covered and an excluded event caused the damage.

I know I have seen many instances where rather than pay a claim an insurer just chooses to litigate sometimes they win sometimes they loose, either way they do not have to pay out until years after the claim is filed.

This in some cases is becoming epidemic.

So, should there be a penalty if an insurance company is found to have denied and delayed the proper payment due to a policy holder?

It would only seem fair after all the insurer often can delay payment of a claim for many years, delaying the time and in some cases the insured may even die while waiting for a claim to be paid.

This is not the way that insurance was initially made to operate.

Yet that is what we are seeing on a regular basis. 

Life Partners Hits Ch. 11, Looks To Skirt $47M Judgment

Life Partners Holdings Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday in a bid to buy time while it appeals a $47 million judgment the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission secured against the life settlement provider.